Craft Beer Brewers

Is it the purity of the water, the skill of the crafts men and women behind these brews, our fabulous Central Otago, South Island or New Zealand climate? Whatever the factor, there are some wonderful local and guest beers on tap and we have 11 of them at this years event plus a dedicated cider stall, what will be your favourite brew from those on sale?

Are you a commercial craft beer brewer and interested in attending our event? Unfortunately all slots for the 2018 Festival have been filled, however we would welcome your expression of interest in attending future events. Simply complete this form and your details will added to our database.

The Victoria Store logo image

The Victoria Store Brewery

Located on the banks of the mighty Clutha (Mata-Au) River and using only crisp, cold Central Otago water, the Victoria Store Brewery follows in the time-worn tradition of offering refreshment to locals and weary travelers alike.

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Cargo Brewery & Kitchen

Queenstown's Cargo Brewing Company offers a range of boutique beers and ciders. From the easy drinking Lager to the hop fuelled IPA, Cargo's eye catching range of perfectly balanced beers are designed to refresh and satisfy.

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Wanaka Beerworks

We use pure ingredients and alpine water to create our hand crafted, micro brewed beers since 1998. We added our Jabberwocky range that originated in Clyde in 2013 in simple terms, we make darn good beer in an amazing place.

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Manuherekia Brewery logo image

Manuherekia Brewery

Manuherekia Brewery is a boutique brewery nestled in the heart of Central Otago. Our beer is produced and packaged onsite at the brewery on Letts Gully Road, Alexandra and each beer is named after places in Central Otago.

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Ferris Road logo image

Ferris Road Brewery

Ferris Road Brewery's Sam Forsyth has a passion for craft beers and has been brewing up this business for some time. Along the way he experimented with malts, hops and techniques, learning equipment use and flavour combinations to get Ferris Road brews uniquely 'just right'.

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MOA Brewing Company logo image

MOA Brewing Company

The international multi-award winning range of Moa beers and ciders are proudly brewed using traditional, costly, inefficient and labour intensive techniques with a focus on local ingredients, including internationally renowned New Zealand hops.

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Catlins Brewery logo image

Catlins Brewery

Based in Kaka Point we brew with locally sourced ingredients with a sustainable focus.  Even our spent grains go to feed the local farmers pigs.  We have a range of beers styles and ciders and we also produce seasonal special releases.

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Ground Up logo image

Ground Up Brewing

We brew beer for the bold, the audacious and the gutsy. We're brewing on the edge from the Ground up, Wanaka, NZ.

We had around 10 beers for the festival last year. Including a Double IPA and an Imperial Brown Ale brewed with vanilla and molasses.

Altitude Brewery logo image

Altitude Brewery

With varieties like the Goldpanner’s Profit and the Mischievous Kea, Altitude Brewing stays true to who they are. Whether it's the IPA or the Hefeweizen, you'll get an honest, flavourful, real beer that’s to be shared and appreciated; whether that’s at your local, at your friend’s place or with silver service.

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B.Effect logo image

B.Effect Brewing

"Small changes can cause great effects."  B.Effect crafts modern Central Otago beers for the mountains, the lake, and the batch. From sessionable hop forward IPA's to Central Otago Ales made with Wine Yeast.  Change is our only constant and we're crafting great beer for the good people of Wanaka to enjoy.

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United Brewery logo image

United Brewing Company

Beer fanatics Chris Montgomery and Kevin  Downie have taken their love affair with craft beer to the next level and started a brewing company.

Downie and Montgomery, who were the organisers behind Invercargill's first beer festival Hop 'n' Vine, have now created the United Brewing Company to create their own unique beer for Southland.

Steel Press Cider logo image

Steel Press Cider

Steel Press Cider's signature varieties – Brew Bee and Brew Dry – are made in the traditional English cider way, with nothing added but apples, and select New Zealand ingredients such as the honey that gives the Brew Bee varieties their sweetness. They give you a refreshing, thirst-quenching hit of the compex flavours and distinctive apple aroma of cider brewed in the traditional way.

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