Craft Beer Brewers

New Zealand has 218 breweries, around 65 in the South Island, 27 in Otago and an ever growing number in Central Otago. We have invited 10 brewers, mainly local plus a couple of guest breweries from outside the region to come and showcase their beers, what will be your favourite brew?

Are you a commercial craft beer brewer and interested in attending our event? All slots are taken for the 2020 event, but we welcome your interest for future events, simply complete this form and your details will added to our database.

Seahorse brewery logo image

Seahorse Brewery

They love beer, the sea and they called themselves Seahorse Brewery. Claude and Jana are the masterminds behind creating fresh sustainable beer in Cromwell.

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Manuherekia Brewery logo image

Manuherekia Brewery

Manuherekia Brewery is a boutique brewery nestled in the heart of Central Otago. Our beer is produced and packaged onsite at the brewery on Letts Gully Road, Alexandra and each beer is named after places in Central Otago.

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wanaka beerworks logo image

Wanaka Beerworks

Wanaka Beerworks (& Jabberwocky Beers) was established in 1998 and is situated in one of the most picturesque towns in New Zealand. We get our inspiration for our beer from the beautiful surroundings and the town's unique vibe that's why we use the local landmarks on our labels.

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Altitude Brewery logo image

Altitude Brewery

With varieties like the Goldpanner’s Profit and the Mischievous Kea, Altitude Brewing stays true to who they are. Whether it's the IPA or the Hefeweizen, you'll get an honest, flavourful, real beer that’s to be shared and appreciated; whether that’s at your local, at your friend’s place or with silver service.

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Rhymeandreason logo image

Ryhme and reason Brewery

Co-owner & head-brewer, Jess Wolfgang, along with her other half both in business and in life, Simon Ross, landed in Wanaka as the location for their brewery and bar. Officially opening their doors in June 2017, they could not be more thrilled to join the party with other talented and creative local brewers.

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Ground Up logo image

Ground Up Brewing

Our belief that authenticity creates a superior beer is heavily rooted in our workplace culture. We have always done things from the Ground Up and believe that there is no match for the passion and enthusiasm which is spawned when you create something from nothing.

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Catlins logo image

Catlins Brewery

We use all locally sourced ingredients (like Gladfield Malt and New Zealand Hops) from the South Island of New Zealand to produce a damned fine drop of beer and cider. Need we say more?

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Doublevision logo image

Double Vison Brewing

At DVB we simply aspire to be your very own ‘Home Brewery’ by creating the kind of damn fine beer that delivers mouth parties at your place. We spend our waking hours taking a second look at what defines a traditional style, and from there, we give the recipe boundaries a bit of a nudge..

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Renaissance Brewing logo image

Renaissance Brewing

Award winning New Zealand craft beer producer, Renaissance Brewing, is situated in the heart of Marlborough wine country at the top of New Zealand's South Island. Their aim is to make beers that rival their grape based cousins with top end, ultra-premium ales that enlighten the palate and thrill the senses.

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Blacks Hotel logo image

The Blacks Hotel

Blacks Hotel, Ophir has become known for its extensive and exciting bar. So this year we thought it would be a great idea to jump on board with the Central Beer Festival to showcase some of our cocktails, whiskies and platters! Pop down and see us to get a taste of what Blacks has to offer.

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